Work Package 1
  1. Define likely CO2 composition based on safely, environmental and cost benefit analysis (WP1.1);
  2. Develop mathematical algorithms in conjunction with suitable equations of state for CO2 and CO2 mixtures for predicting pertinent thermodynamics and physical properties data (WP1.2);
  3. Develop a computationally efficient multi-phase heterogeneous outflow model for the accurate prediction of the time variant release rate and the physical state of escaping CO2 following pipeline failure, based on a reliable equation of state for CO2 and CO2 mixtures(WP1.3);
  4. Develop multi-state dispersion models for predicting the subsequent concentration of the released CO2 as a function of time and distance from the release, both in terms of a detailed near filed (WP1.4) and far-field modelling capability (WP1.5).