Work Package Summary

The project will be carried out in 5 separate Work Packages (WP). Each WP has a project leader with designated objectives, responsibilities and deliverables.

The main technical developments will be carried out in WP1 and WP2 as indicated in the schematic figure below. The composition and level of impurities transported in the CO2 pipeline based on a cost/benefit analysis will be determined in WP 1.1. WP1.2 will concentrate on the development of the equations of state for CO2 and its mixtures. This will provide the thermodynamic and physical properties data needed for the multiphase discharge model to be developed under WP1.3. This information will in turn serve as the source condition for subsequent work near-field (WP1.4) and far-field (WP1.5) dispersion models that will consider the atmospheric concentrations of the dispersing material. WP2 involves experiments that will provide a basic understanding of these complex flows, as well as data to assist in the formulation and validation of the outflow and near-field dispersion models. WP3 deals with Decision Support Tools, and covers geographical information systems input, a review and refinement of best practice guidelines, and the provision of safety and risk assessment tools followed by their application in test cases. WP4 and WP5 deal with Dissemination and Project Management strategies, respectively.

CO2 PipeHaz Project Pert Diagram